Our Standard Seasonal Treatment Programme

as an independant lawn care company we can give your lawn the individual attention it needs and you get the lawn you have always wanted.


Spring is a key season in caring for your lawn to ensure it stays healthy all the year round.Our fertiliser has a unique organic base, stimulating lawn activity by promoting stronger root growth and a thicker sward.

Mid Season

The best time to treat the weeds is when they are actively growing. As well as this we also apply a root improver and further nutrients to help the roots develop and become stronger and healthier.


This Summer application will continue to feed the lawn through till Autumn. Along with regular watering your lawn will continue to look green & healthy. We will also spot treat weeds that remain in the lawn.


In Autumn we help maintain the health and vigor of your lawn as well as prepare for the stresses of the coming winter months. This will improve root strength and again we spot treat any weeds.


Our Winter treatment is where we toughen the grass for the winter months. This treatment also attacks moss to stop it from spreading. It also gives the grass a healthy green appearance.


Arrived on the day as expected, very thorough in carrying out all the above work.

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