Our Specialist treatments

Although are seasonal treatment programmes will certainly improve your lawn. There are times when other work will be needed to improve and maintain the lawn.


Removal of thatch and moss to allow grass to grow


Reduce the compactness of the soil to letting in air and water

Weed Control:

Treats weed growth and also tackles the conditions which promote that growth.

Top Dressing:

Improves soil conditions and inhibits moss growth

Worm Suppressant:

Please Note Due to EU Regulations this treatment is suspended. Control those unsightly worm casts

Disease/ insect control:

Eradicates leather Jackets, chafer grubs and lawn disease

Hydro Aktiv treatment:

Efficient absorbtion of moisture during dry spells

Hard surface treatments:

Control weeds, moss and algae on patios and driveways


Arrived on the day as expected, very thorough in carrying out all the above work.

Lawn maintenance, re-seeding, spring fertilizer customer in Hind head. on 7, Mar, 2017