Lawn Aeration Service

Green Mile Lawn Care in Farnborough, Hampshire offer a Lawn Aeration Service at all times of year. Aeration is an ideal lawn care treatment for lawns which have become compacted. Compaction results in poor drainage, poor absorption of nutrients and poor root development.

Why aerate a lawn?

Compaction causes the space in the soil to become small causing a reduction in the amount of air held in the root zone.

It inhibits drainage which causes shallow root growth this will reduce the drought resistance of the grass, and makes it more susceptible to disease.

The compactness of the ground could have serious impact on your lawn. The benefit of having Aeration is to improve routing to help produce a healthy drought resistant lawn.

It encourages the growth of micro-organisms which benefit the soil and aid thatch breakdown.  Aeration also aids irrigation allowing the water to drain down to the roots of the grass and helps with surface runoff.

If carried out before Top Dressing, aeration will allow the dressing to reach into the holes created to improve the structure of the soil.  Having your lawn aerated will assist you having a lush green healthy lawn.

When is it best to aerate a lawn?

Aeration can be carried out at any time of year depending on soil and weather conditions.
For the benefit of our customers Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd uses probably the best aerating machine for domestic use.

Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd can assess your lawn to see if it is compacted and in need of aeration as part of our FREE lawn analysis.


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