Hard Surface Treatment - Weed and Moss Control.

Green Mile Lawn Care in Aldershot, Hampshire offer hard surface treatments to remove moss, algae and lichens from driveways, patios and paths.

Most of us have at least one hard surface in our gardens, be it a driveway or a patio. Over time, weeds will start to encroach through any gap they can find and moss, algae and lichens will also accumulate making the surface slippery and unsightly.

A temporary fix is to remove any weeds and moss by hand, if the root is not been removed fully, it WILL grow back.

Weed Control

The Weed Control Product we use on hard surfaces will eliminate any weeds and grasses. It will not stain the surface but it will kill the weeds outright. It usually takes 14-28 days for the treatment to work fully. However some weeds react quicker and you will see them start to curl and die.

The leaves can be left to decompose or they can be simply removed by hand or scraper. They will come out quite easily as there is no root to hold them in place. This treatment is also extremely effective for shingle path and driveways.

Moss, Algae & Lichen Removal

We can also apply a moss treatment to kill the moss attached to your driveway or patio, and this is also effective for treating hard surfaces exhibiting signs algae, mould and lichen growth. Our hard surface treatment service provides a safe and easy solution to hard surface management. Effects can usually be seen 48hrs after treatment and are long lasting.

The hard surface treatment causes the moss to dry out. Once this has been achieved, it can usually be removed by brushing or scraping.

We need to apply this treatment when there is no chance of rainfall for at least 4hrs to allow the products to work. After application it is advisable to keep of the treated surface for 3-5 hrs, especially if you have children and pets.

The Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd Hard Surface Weed and Moss control is affordable and highly effective. Why not take advantage of our FREE survey.


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