Hydro Aktiv Lawn Treatment

Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd in Aldershot, Hampshire offers Hydro Activ Lawn Treatment as a specialist lawn treatment. Hydro Activ lawn treatment helps the lawn retain moisture and absorb nutrients.

Our Hydro Aktiv treatment enhances our treatment program as well as your lawn.

The Hydro Aktiv treatment will assist the grass root to absorb all the nutrients from the Bio-stimulants ensuring that the root system is kept strong.  It also aids the application of both weed and moss control making them more effective.

Hydro Aktiv lawn treatment retains moisture and aids absorption of nutrients

It will also help the soil to absorb and retain moisture, a great benefit when applied before the dry summer months.  The Hydro Aktiv treatment is applied twice a year with the Weed Control and the Moss control treatments.  If you have any question about this treatment please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Green Mile Lawn Care Hydro Aktiv Treatment service will keep your lawn looking great for longer. Take advantage of your FREE Lawn Care Analysis today to see if your lawn would benefit from this treatment.



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