Lawn Top Dressing Service

Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd in Aldershot, Hampshire offers a Lawn Top Dressing Service as a specialist lawn treatment. Top Dressing a lawn will improve drainage and encourages new growth, especially effective after lawn aeration.

Top dressing is the process of applying a fine layer (about 2-3mm covering) of high quality soil to the surface of the lawn. Top Dressing plays a very important part in the upkeep of your lawn. It should be applied at least once a year and can be a key factor in making critical long term improvements to the health and condition and hence the appearance of any lawn.

Top dressing is labour intensive and sourcing a good quality top dressing can be difficult and expensive when delivery costs are calculated.

Grass seed can be added to the top dressing to thicken up the lawn. Top dressing is compared to varnishing a boat with several layers, and it has to be applied over a period of time.  Top Dressing is usually made up of a combination of Sand, Loam and Peat.

What is the benefit of having your lawn Top Dressed?

Improves Drainage

It will improve drainage especially after Aeration of your lawn. The Aeration Process creates channels in the lawn surface to allow air and water into the root zone. By applying Top Dressing after this process, the sandy mix of Top Dressing will work down into the holes created.

Improves Drought

It will Improve drought resistance by filling the holes after Aeration. Top dressing has a good moisture retention and therefore will help you lawn be more drought tolerant.

Helps Break Down Thatch

A good Top Dressing will help in the breakdown of thatch. Regular applications will aid decomposition and result in the natural breakdown of the thatch.

Encourages New Growth

It will encourage new lawn growth by helping the grass to grow new shoots resulting in a thicker sward and thus discouraging the growth of weeds and moss resulting in a lush green lawn.

Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd provides a comprehensive Top Dressing Treatment Service which can be incorporated into the lawn care program at any time. It is most effective in the Autumn or Spring particularly if you want to add grass seed to the mix.

The Green Mile Lawn Care Top Dressing service is affordable and highly efficient. Take advantage of your FREE Lawn Care Analysis today to see if this is what your lawn needs.



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