Lawn Weed Control Treatment

Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd in Aldershot, Hampshire offers Lawn Weed Control Treatments as part of the Seasonal Treatment Program. Weed treatment will kill existing lawn weeds and prevent the growth of weeds in the future.

Lawn weeds are quick to colonise any space in your lawn and quickly become a nuisance spoiling the appearance of any lawn.

Weed Killers available through retail outlets do a reasonable job of combatting the weeds, but unless the conditions for weed colonisation and growth are treated they will be back!

We improve the condition of the lawn to prevent further weed growth

Our Weed Control Service doesn’t just treat the weed growth but also tackles the conditions which promote that growth. As experts in our field, we can devise a weed control plan that goes on working where other treatments fail, saving you time and money.

Many of these lawn weeds are deep rooted and removal by hand is not only hard work but is not always effective to prevent future growth. As a rule, the whole weed must be removed to be sure it doesn’t return.

Common weeds such as daisies, buttercups, dandelions, plantains etc are usually controlled after one application. More persistent weeds, such as yarrow, field wood rush, speedwells clovers and celandine sometimes require more than one application. Weeds will normally die off 14 -28 days after treatment. After this time they will start to decompose completely.

If there are still weeds present from when we originally sprayed them, we are more than willing to give them a second application. Repeated applications will also control new weed plants that grow from seeds landing on your lawn which are dropped by birds, arrive in the air, or any that are lying dormant in the soil.  Following the application of weed control products, you can usually use the lawn after 2 hours.

Are your lawn treatment products safe?

The herbicides and lawn treatment products we use are safe for wild life, pets and children. When sprayed correctly and by an NPTC qualified sprayer. Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd experienced and knowledgeable staff are fully qualified to spray pesticides. You are more than welcome to check our Licence.

Brambles and Nettles

As well as the most common weeds we can also treat brambles and nettles. If left untouched, brambles can get out of control. Our Weed Control Treatment can bring the brambles under control in just a few treatments, and if they are quite woody, they may need cutting to clear after treatment. Nettles will decompose after treatment.

Persistent Weeds

We can also treat the following difficult to remove weeds:

Japanese Knotweed, Ragwort, Mares Tail (Horsetail), Baby’s Tears (Mind Your Own Business).

Treatment of these persistent weeds require a special program of treatment and cannot be treated as part of your annual lawn care program.

The Green Mile Lawn Care Ltd Weed Control service is affordable and highly effective, So why not take advantage of our FREE lawn analysis.


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