Lawn Care Advice Guides

Green Mile Lawn Care takes great pride in being able to pass on their knowledge and experience on all aspects of lawn care to customers. These Lawn Care Advice Guides provide additional information on problems you may be experiencing with your lawn, and provides solutions on how to remedy them. If you would like a FREE Lawn Analysis to help identify the problem and know how to treat it, please get in touch.

Privacy Policy and GDPR

Privacy Policy and GDPR Update

Lawn Watering Guide

Here is a guide to help with watering your lawn and the pitfalls of not doing so

Lawn Mowing Guide

Here are just a few tips on how to get the best cut your lawn

Leather Jacket Editorial

A brief guide to help you identify if you have Leatherjackets in your lawn

New Lawn Aftercare

How to take care of your new lawn

Seed Aftercare

How to take care of any seed that has been spread on your lawn

Scarification Aftercare

How to look after your lawn after it has been scarified

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