Our Specialist Lawn Treatment Services

Lawn Care, Lawn Repair & Lawn Treatments

Green Mile Lawn Care in Farnborough Hampshire offers a range of seasonal lawn treatments that include lawn repair and lawn maintenance. Seasonal lawn care treatment programs start from just £10.25 per month, and work to improve the condition of your lawn with a minimum of 5 visits per year. Please contact us for more details on further specialist lawn care services that can enhance and improve your lawn.


Aerating the soil will reduce the compactness by letting in air and water.

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Scarification removes thatch and moss, promoting the growth of stronger, thicker grass.

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Hard surface treatments

Eliminates and controls weeds, moss and algae on patios and driveways.

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Pest Insect control

Eradicates common garden pests such as Leatherjackets and Chafer Grubs.

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Worm Suppressant

Worm Suppressant Reduce significantly unsightly worm casts from your lawn

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Top Dressing

Improves drought resistance and drainage and inhibits moss growth.

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Hydro Aktiv treatment

Helps grass roots absorb nutrients and helps retain moisture during dry summer months.

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Weed Control

Treats weed growth and tackles conditions which promote growth

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Arrived on the day as expected, very thorough in carrying out all the above work.

Lawn maintenance, re-seeding, spring fertilizer customer in Hind head. on 13, Feb, 2018