Top 10 Tips for Winter Lawn Care

Generally, autumn treatments will see the lawn through the winter so minimal work is required at this time of year. However, there are a few tasks you can do that will help keep your lawn in optimal condition during the colder months.

1) Rake up any leaves

Keep your lawn free of organic matter such as fallen leaves and dead grass as thatch will build, which will block out light and stop moisture getting to the grass. Try to regularly rake up any plant debris.

2) Remove large weeds

Weed growth will have slowed down during the colder months, but some hardy weeds will survive in all temperatures. Dig out any large weeds to stop seeds spreading. Also, when you mow your lawn, use a high blade setting to prevent seedlings from dispersing.

3) Keep off the grass in frosty conditions

Stepping on your lawn when it’s frosty will bruise the grass to leave dark blue footsteps. Avoid walking on the lawn in these conditions as your grass is already put under stress by cold winter weather.

4) Avoid walking on sodden grass

Walking on extremely wet lawns can also cause damage. Try to keep off the grass during extremely wet weather as this can lead to soil compaction.

5) Only mow your lawn when necessary

How often you mow your lawn at this time of year will depend on weather conditions and temperature. Don’t mow if heavy frosts are expected or if the ground is too wet. Only mow on milder days and set the blade height higher than you would in summer months to reduce stress on the grass.

6) Lightly brush away worm casts

If worm casts become particularly unsightly, you should leave them to dry and then brush them away. But worms are to be encouraged as they improve soil structure and add nutrients to the ground.

7) Aerate your lawn

You may want to aerate your lawn at this time of year if it has become compacted – this will improve drainage and allow more air into the root system. However, take advice from lawn experts as to the best time and conditions to undertake aeration.

8) Don’t over feed your lawn

Giving your lawn a feed in autumn before winter sets in is fine. Then allow it to fend for itself over the colder months as this will strengthen roots and help nitrogen storage. Too much feed at this time of year could encourage premature growth that won’t survive in severe conditions.

9) Stop scarifying your lawn

Grass growth will have stopped or slowed down, so now is not be the best time to scarify your lawn. Instead, wait until spring and call in lawncare experts to give your grass scarification treatment.

10) Give your mower some tender loving care

As your lawn will require minimal attention at this time of year, take the opportunity to give your mower a spruce up. Give it a thorough clean, and when it’s dry, spray with an anti-rust treatment to keep all the metal components working smoothly.

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