Keeping Your Lawn Green in Dry Weather

Keeping your lawn green when we have had no rainfall for a while is not as difficult as you would imagine. One of the most consistent things you can do is keep having your regular treatments. No matter what condition or how brown your lawn looks.

WHY? You may well ask. Our treatments have taken years to perfect to a stage I am happy with. They can add value to your lawn whatever the weather.

For the dryer months of June, July, August and September. The treatments are designed to control weeds, relieve stress by providing the right nutrients at the right time. This not only include a fertiliser but other essential grass foods such as carbohydrates, and amino acids which the lawn does not get from fertilisers alone.

Along with this we include as part of your program a Hydro Aktiv treatment which will help the soil to absorb and retain as much moisture as possible in these dry months.

As an independent Lawn Care Specialist we can adapt our treatments rapidly to counter the weather conditions.

But what can you do as a homeowner to help your lawn?

Here are a few guides were if followed will help your lawn tremendously.
1/Don’t cut the grass short leave at least 1.5-2 inches in length. You do not need to put your lawn under any further stress than it already is.
2/Water your lawn at least twice a week even if you are on a water meter it only costs pennies for around 30 minutes.
3/When watering only water in the morning this is the ideal time when the ground has cooled overnight. Watering when the ground is hot will leave your lawn open to red Thread disease.

To find out more about lawn maintenance and lawn care treatments, contact Green Mile Lawn Care on 01252 313305 or contact us via our website for your free survey.

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